Individual Therapy for Adults: Significant changes can bring anxiety, depression and push us to the edge leaving us not knowing what to do or how to act. I help individual to connect to themselves so they can find their answers within them. I tailor therapy to each individual according to their needs and meet them where they are.

Children from 10 and up: Children are very receptive and usually are the first ones to note changes. It is difficult for them to process these changes and understand what is going on within themselves.  Often times children don’t possess the skills to find a healthy way to cope with difficult situations.  It is important to reach out for help and give them the opportunity to learn how to deal with changes and difficult situations in a healthy way.

Couples Therapy: Changes in life can put strain on relationships and make it harder for couples to get along. It could be scary to admit that things are not going well in our partnership, but the fact that you are on this website it is a very brave step towards honoring yourself and your partner and getting the help that you deserve.

Some of the benefits that therapy can bring to couples are:

  • Regain trust and have a closer and better relationship
  • Reduce arguments
  • Improve communication
  • Learn to detect when there is something wrong in the relationship and know how to bring it up

 Family Therapy and Parenting Guidance: Challenges also jeopardize the stability and communication within the family unit.  I offer family therapy and parenting guidance to help families deal with the difficult times they are facing.  Therapy helps to get the best possible outcome out of a difficult situation

Immigrant Families: Another challenge brought by immigrating to a new country is raising children in a different culture from our culture of origin. I have also been through that experience personally and have worked with families helping them to connect as a whole.  One of the biggest challenges that adolescents have to face is feeling torn between two worlds neither of which they feel part of.

The impact of immigration can take two or more generations to overcome.

Having your world upside down is an apt description of the immigration process, with these changes come challenges that can have an impact on the mental health of individuals.

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