Why Therapy?

Therapy can help anyone who wants to improve their lives and is open and willing to make changes or those who are going through difficult circumstances and have touched rock bottom.  It is a great opportunity to get in touch with ourselves and tune in to our needs, desires and purpose.  We have everything we need to heal within ourselves, but we are not always aware of what is going on with us because we are immerse.  In our own world we can’t get perspective.

How Can Therapy Help?

We create defense mechanisms that help us survive difficult times and make us believe that we are fine, but unfortunately often times these mechanisms prevent us from healing.   In other cases we adopt unhealthy habits that help us to cope with stress and difficult situations. Through therapy individuals can put their guards down and take a look at their life and identify those events that have impacted their lives and learn new ways of looking at them.  They can find new healthy ways of coping and learn skills to deal with their difficulties.  Through this process you can connect to your true self and can become who you really are.  Becoming your true self can bring you peace and lead you towards healing.

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