Helping Individuals Adjust to Significant Life Changes

Experiencing significant changes in our lives can attract fear, anxiety, depression and self-doubt, even if these changes are positive. In addition, societal pressure and expectations can be a heavy burden, making us feel trapped negatively impacting our self-esteem. However, knowing oneself, can help to navigate both our personal and professional lives to our advantage.

My mission and passion in life is to help individuals to connect to themselves by providing a safe environment where they can process what they are going through, confront feelings that have been ignored and feel free to explore new behaviors or ideas without feeling judged.  I believe humans are good by nature and that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.

I will help you to find your strengths and talents, and develop awareness and skills to provide another perspective.  These strategies will empower you to overcome difficulties and create a more satisfactory life.

My Main Focus

I help individuals adjust to significant changes such as life transitions,  going through divorce, adjust to a different culture, career shifts, going through different stages of life, health conditions,  getting bad news, losses, crisis in general and parental guidance.

 My Therapeutic Style

I tailor therapy to the need of each individual and I meet them where they are. Therapy will help you to connect to your inner self and your core values developing adaptive behaviors and healthy coping mechanisms to deal with the challenge that you are facing.   You are the author of your own story and I will help you to write a new chapter based on your strengths and talents by helping you find meaning and purpose in your life.

Through therapy, changes can be the biggest opportunity you have to connect to yourself and become stronger and more confident in life.


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